Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TSA Officers Find Stash Of Fake ID Cards In Passenger Baggage

My fake ID recognition training includes handling hundreds of genuine and counterfeit IDs.  When I travel outside of California to conduct training, I always ship my IDs.

I always thought that even if I put them into my checked luggage, someone manning those TSA X-ray machines would freakout and I'd get stuck explaining myself and risk having my training materials siezed.

I've trained TSA in Fake ID Detection....Even after that they advised me not to travel with my training materials, and this is why!!

TSA Officers Find Stash Of Fake ID Cards In BWI Passenger Baggage « CBS Baltimore

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seven cited in fake ID ring

Prime example of how counterfeit ID is not only a alcohol issue. Almost every financial transaction involving checks and credit cards is predicated on identity verification. If the banking employees involved had recognized the counterfeit IDs being used, these crooks would have been caught long ago. Learning to recognize counterfeit ID is easy. Almost every state is employing reliable security features like micro-print, laser perforation and tactile lettering. Fake ID Trainers can teach you how to avoid loosing money to fraudsters and identity thieves.

Seven cited in fake ID ring